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We use advanced technological solutions in harmony with high quality concrete products equipment, processes and skills,

to bring quality up and total cost of project down for Australian government, developers and builders.


Eifers Concrete are ahead of the game.

We use advanced technological solutions together with high-quality concrete products, equipment, processes, and skills. This allows us to raise quality and lower costs for Australian government, developers, and builders.

We use innovative concrete supply and placement methods, specialising in airport, road and pavement construction and repair.

Highly experienced, we were one of the first contractors approved in Australia to use CTS Rapid Set Construction Cement in concrete production. This proven alternative to traditional concrete enables us to dramatically increase efficiency for high-risk projects where time is of critical importance.

Together with CTS Rapid Set products, our professional and experienced staff use the latest Minnich drilling dowels pins and revolutionary concrete mixers imported from the United States to deliver superior concrete solutions direct to you.

We are also fully equipped to deliver remote and mobile batching. Whatever your timeframe or location, Eifers Concrete will get the job done.