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We use advanced technological solutions in harmony with high quality concrete products equipment, processes and skills,

to bring quality up and total cost of project down for Australian government, developers and builders.


Eifers Concrete combine the latest HESC product technology, with modern and specialised machinery to provide superior concrete solutions for Australia’s civil construction industry.

Eifers Ecofil Concrete

Eifers FastPatch Polymer Repairs

Eifers High-Strength Rapid Set Concrete

Ecofil is the ideal lightweight concrete solution for rapid and workable application. It’s an advanced polymer-based fill that is a cost- effective and eco-friendly, an alternative to traditional filling methods and concrete. Easily pumped across long distances, Ecofil is highly flowable. It is perfect for time-critical applications and for when site access is limited.

FastPatch Polymer bonds tenaciously and remains flexible throughout its service life. It cures in just a few minutes, allowing for quick return-to-service times. It is also cold- applied, which makes it safe to use and means it will not push/shove after it is installed.

High-Strength Rapid Set is your first choice material for time-sensitive concrete works for civil construction and critical infrastructure projects. High-Strength Rapid Set concrete delivers structural strength of 20MPa in just one hour, and its durability and low shrinkage make it far superior to ordinary portland cement, especially for time-critical applications.


Time is almost always the most costly part of a project, even if doesn’t appear as a line item in the budget. Eifers Concrete get the job done fast. And that’s not an empty promise – incredibly we can deliver structural strength in just one hour using HESC. Cement is the binding ingredient that gives grouts, mortars and concretes strength when hydrated with water. The strength, durability and low shrinkage of HESC makes it far superior to ordinary Portland cement. 

Why you should choose HESC

  • Fast-setting hydraulic cement with outstanding compressive results
  • Provides drive-on strength in just one hour
  • Unlike conventional cement, contains no chlorides, accelerators or water reducing additives
  • Mix with your choice of aggregates to produce one-hour strength concrete, mortar and grout mixtures
  • Low-shrinkage
  • Superior durability.

Why you should choose Eifers Concrete and HESC for your next project

As the first approved Australian contractor using HESC products, you know you’re in safe hands with Eifers Concrete. We have substantial experience applying the innovative manufacturing and unique chemistry of HESC products across the Australian construction industry. Eifers Concrete will deliver:

  • Higher compressive results leading to significant installation cost savings
  • Reduced traffic management requirement which results major total cost of project savings
  • Reduced inconvenience to the public and businesses.

Eifers Concrete also supplies bagged HESC products in smaller quantities so we’ve got you covered for all project sizes.

airport concrete slab replacement


Eifers Concrete’s volumetric International Mobile Mixers (IMM) are the only true modular volumetric concrete mixer on the market. Imported from the United States, these trucks are essentially on-site batch plants ready for your remote project. These truck mounted units offer the benefits of on-site, fresh and consistent concrete, as well as the ability to deliver precise volumes. This means; no waste, no wait times, no logistical errors – and no hassles! Eifer’s Concrete use only the best equipment to produce quality concrete that is manufactured on-site. Anywhere a mobile mixer can go, a batching plant goes too. We are fully equipped to cater for all your remote and mobile batching needs. With Eifers Concrete, you will always have consistent, controlled and fresh concrete.

mobile cement mixing truck


  • When the IMM is on site, pre-order days are a thing of the past. Ordering concrete is much easier and far more accurate
  • With no wait time between trucks, the IMM can be utilised as a stationary or mobile batch plant that is loaded continually on-site, producing up to 55m3 of concrete per hour. As the client, you maintain total control of the concrete supply to achieve your desired placement schedule
  • In most cases, no development applications are required to operate the IMM as an on-site batching plant
  • The IMM can also be used as a blending machine for quarry materials, fertilisers and stock feed. Computer generated calibration records of every pour are printed out in the cab of the IMM’s host vehicle, providing batch records to meet quality management system requirements
  • Depending on conditions, standard cement can be stored in the IMM for up to 6 months. Concrete milled in this method reduces carbon emissions.
  • The operating and production process of the IMM generates less than 1% concrete wastage and provides a 30% decrease in the cost of concrete using the exact same raw materials. This means a more economical use of project funds.
  • We can get to rural and remote locations, and can source raw materials locally if available, so concrete costs become more economical per cubic metre as transport costs and supply issues are reduced. In addition to producing a wide range of concrete mix designs including HESC, the IMM can also be used as a Pugmill
  • The IMM can also be used to stabilise unbalanced soils prior to site removal. When being used as a Pugmill, it can stabilise an array of different materials and with the appropriate additives, in quantities of up to 100 tonnes per hour
  • It lessens the possibility of transporting noxious weeds and soil to and from a site and there is no downtime due to poor weather or inaccessible roads. The IMM can even be barged to remote islands and areas only accessible by sea for concrete manufacture
  • Using Eifers Concrete’s IMM provides less disruption to local communities and property owners and safer road conditions due to fewer truck movements


Eifers Concrete make the world’s best drilling products available to you right across Australia. Minnich Manufacturing is an international industry leader in concrete core drilling and concrete vibrator equipment, and Eifers Concrete offers the following Minnich products:

  • Concrete Dowel Pin Drills
  • Pneumatic Drills
  • Hydraulic Drills
  • Multiple customised Special Application Concrete Dowel Drills.

Both single and multi-gang units are available and they can be manually operated, self-propelled or mounted on backhoes, skid steer loaders and various other equipment.

Minnich Manufacturing

minnich drilling rig


  • Holes drilled in seconds. e.g. 33mm diameter holes drilled in 25 seconds
  • The Minnich dowel drill is easily operated; one-man operation drill bits available in Australian hydraulic units
  • Improves manual handling issues of traditional dowel hole drilling operations
  • Easily adapted to customer requirements
  • Minnich dowel pin drill technology reduces the drilling and placement time of steel reinforcement and facilitates improvement in the quality and efficiency of dowel pin drill operations
  • The concrete core drills alleviate reliance upon manual handling and improve the trueness of the dowel pin drill holes, enabling better performance and accuracy of the operation.


Eifers Concrete can deliver concrete and paving perfection using the Super Screed Roller. Multiquip’s revolutionary Super Screed is your answer for even the most challenging paving application. It can be used for highways, byways and runways. It’s a self-propelled and hydraulically driven Super Screed requiring only one operator. It allows Eifers Concrete to finish all jobs with accuracy, efficiency and finish due to the highly efficient strike tube precisely cutting the surface to grade. The Super Screed is height adjustable and levels concrete with a slump as low as 2.5 centimetres with incredible consistency. It produces unparalleled productivity and reduces time and money spent on final grinding. Super Screed applications include:

  • Suspended slabs
  • Slabs-on-grade
  • Tilt-up panels
  • Roads
  • Post tension slabs
  • Bridges
  • Elevated decks
  • Runways
super screed concrete roller


  • The Multiquip Super Screed WRS- 5200 places up to 930sqm per hour
  • Easily strikes off concrete with slumps as low as 2.5 centimetres
  • Expands from four to 16 metres
  • Advanced strike-tube design leaves aggregate at the surface for harder, longer-wearing slabs
  • Super savings, maximum productivity and high F-numbers offer the competitive edge at bid time
  • Only one operator, two labourers and two concrete placers required for maximum results.


With the Bazooka Tube Supersax 1200 at our disposal, Eifers Concrete can increase the efficiency of your remote cement terminal operations or bulk bag transfer terminals. This portable transfer conveyor has an integrated dust collector system and is designed to load cement or other bulk products efficiently to truck or rail. It’s quick, quiet, efficient, dustless and we can bring it to your next project.

Diversified Storage Systems

bazooka tube concrete mixer


  • 12” auger with a 20hp electric motor – 30cfm
  • WAM 400 pulse jet bag house with fan
  • Hopper has integrated ducting to reduce dust
  • Adjustable, electronically controlled load-out spout
  • Hydraulically operated height control
  • Electric vibrator on hopper
  • Air compressor.


The Sami Silo is a global first and provides a much needed solution to space restricted sites.

The horizontal silo EUROSILO can be used for the storage and dosage of cement, lime, fly ash, sand, and many other materials. The scope can range from the simple feeding of self-loading concrete mixers to the matching with our mobile batching. Storing on site means less time on the road and more time getting the job done. Contact us to discuss how we can make this work for you.

sami silo concrete mixing