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We use advanced technological solutions in harmony with high quality concrete products equipment, processes and skills,

to bring quality up and total cost of project down for Australian government, developers and builders.


Eifers Concrete has advanced materials and world class machinery to deliver your project fast. If you need a new highway, byway, or runway in a hurry, we’re your solution. We offer on-site production of structural strength concrete – up to 30MPa attained in one hour. In most cases, seven-day strength requirements are achieved in just five hours. Just think how much you could save when you can asphalt just one hour after concreting (like we did on Springvale Road in Melbourne), or where you can open a runway just four hours after placement (like we’ve done at Melbourne Airport and Sydney Airport). Contemplate how your overall project timeline will shrink, and the flow on effects that will have –reduced human resources, less traffic management, diminished disruption to services, businesses and people. In an industry where time is money, we can help. Contact us to find out how.

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Sometimes there are only certain hours of the day that you’re willing to disrupt services. Because we use CTS Rapid Set Concrete, we can achieve results that are not possible when using standard concrete products. Our cutting-edge technology means we can shut down areas for hours rather than days, minimising disruption significantly. At Sydney Airport, we replaced the A16 taxiway overnight, with no disruption to services. Structural strength was achieved within one hour, and planes were using it within 3 hours. Using standard concrete, this area would have needed to be shut down for up to 7 days. There is a myriad of other reasons why concrete pours may be time critical. For instance, we needed to place 40 tonne of concrete to level the new HMAS Canberra within an extremely tight timeframe, and with our advanced materials and specialised equipment, we can achieve amazing results. Are you between a rock and a hard place with your concrete project timeframe? Contact us and we’ll work out a way to resolve your problem.


Inconsistency in concrete can compromise the quality of the result, and can be caused by input materials, time delays, and environmental conditions. When concrete is produced in many different batches and then travels to site, it is undoubtedly compromised. We use the world’s best machinery to deliver the most consistent product possible, eliminating the causes of inconsistent concrete with our fleet of mobile, volumetric International Mobile Mixers. All materials remain dry on the truck until we pull the mix lever, then it is just fresh consistent concrete. These machines are especially handy for rural, remote and hard to access projects. Our International Mobile Mixers also function as onsite pugmills to stabilise an array of materials. We worked in Moomba, South Australia at the Big Lake Gas Facility, using our volumetric International Mobile Mixers to produce 250m3 of fresh, consistent concrete in a very remote location with extreme weather conditions. Do you want to ensure your next project uses the freshest, most consistent concrete available? Contact us and we’ll make it happen.


For convenience and efficiency, our International Mobile Mixers can function as onsite pugmills to stabilise an array of different materials. They can also be used to stabilise unbalanced soils prior to site removal and keep your schedule of work on track. With the appropriate additives, our equipment can deal with quantities of up to 100 tonnes per hour.


Concrete is more flexible than you think, especially with our specialty concrete mixes. We incorporate a range of additives to create innovative concrete solutions. We can add a rubber compound to make a safe, durable and comfortable running surface. We can add colours and aggregates to create unique aesthetic results. And we are using recycled glass to make structurally sound, environmentally friendly roadbases. Do you have a requirement that’s a little bit different? You need a concrete partner who’s a little bit different too. Get in touch and let’s find a way to bring your project to life.


Do you have a need for concrete at a remote location or a site with accessibility issues? Fear not, we love ‘the middle of nowhere’. We have a fleet of volumetric International Mobile Mixers which are essentially on-site batch plants ready for your remote project. With mobility to rural and remote location and the possibility of sourcing raw materials locally, concrete costs become more economical per cubic metre as transport costs and supply issues are reduced. In addition to producing a wide range of concrete mix designs including CTS Rapid Set Cement, the IMM can also be used as a Pugmill for all your stabilisation needs. Contact us and we’ll make a plan to make your remote concrete project a reality.


If you’ve got concrete needing repairing, we’re the team for the job. We’re experienced in all aspects of saw cutting, demolition, subgrade removal and concrete placement with onsite volumetric batching. Whether your job requires EJC polymer injection, crack chasing or dowelling and steel mesh installation, Eifers Concrete has been there and done that, and we’ll get your job done on time and on budget. When we repaired the bus station at the Thomastown train station in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, we had 650m2 of excavation, subgrade removal and pouring of CTS rapid set concrete to complete as fast as possible. We completed the project in three days instead of the three weeks it would have taken with regular concrete. And on Keilor Park Drive, also in Melbourne’s north, we undertook site management, saw cutting, demolition, crack chasing and ultimately injected EJC polymer to over 400l/m of cracks and spoils. Contact us to find out how we can make your cracked concrete as good as new.